Touchstone Radio Online

‘‘Alternative Views for the Brazos Valley’’

Touchstone Radio was a short radio commentary that aired twice daily on KEOS Community Radio 89.1 FM for over ten years between 1998 and 2008. Our shows were usually about four minutes in length and aired twice daily in the morning and evening.

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Touchstone Radio was a production of The Touchstone magazine. We brought left, liberal, and progressive political commentary, as well as interviews with members of progressive local organizations, and interesting visitors to the community and to Texas A&M University.

Although the show is no longer being produced, we have many of the shows available here. This web site contains a fairly complete archive of all the shows produced between late 1999 and the middle of 2007. All the shows produced before this period have been lost, and perhaps about 50 or so others produced after that period are not yet available here. Here is a list of what we have available. There are currently 934 episodes here available to listen.

Most of the content was timely when it was produced, and therefore it is outdated now. However, many are still relevant today and the message remains important.

There are several ways you can browse the old shows:

We also produced a Touchstone Radio Retrospective for the program Biased Transmission which also aired on KEOS. This hour-long retrospective reviewed the history of the show, and presented snippets from many of our best episodes.

The Touchstone Radio Online web site is hosted and maintained by George Welch. If you have questions or comments about Touchstone Radio Online, in particular if any of the audio clips do not play or if the wrong clips play, please send email to:
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